Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recent bokashi sightings

Bokashi's spreading slowly here in the US, or so it seems. But Google, at least, finds more occurrences of the word now than it did a few months ago (and not all from this blog!). About.com's Organic Gardening section has a post as of Dec 01. The Bokashi in Australia livejournal community has a poll. Don't know how long Appropedia's had an entry on bokashi, but it's just been updated. And The Recycle Works has a podcast all about EM.

Which I guess is less a sighting than a hearing. Oh, well. Back to my buckets I go--I'm going to insulate a curing one, I think, see what happens.



Lonny said...

Definitely getting popular - http://www.google.com/trends?q=Bokashi

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what's going on in Indonesia! Know anyone who speaks Indonesian? It may be a bokashi stronghold given that EM and bokashi has been around longer in Asia than in Europe and the US but perhaps the word "bokashi" has another meaning in Indonesian as well?
Interesting to see NZ leading the trend. Bokashi came early to NZ and has been strongly promoted by local councils. I grew up in Auckland and bokashi is part of daily life already now for many "normal" people.
Now I live in Sweden and am trying my best to spread the word here. A total white spot on the map in terms of bokashi but that will change!
Jenny H, www.bokashi.se

Anonymous said...

I speak Indonesian.

This is new to me. I never came across this in Indonesia, tho I've certainly seen composting done in a slum program, in paint tubs with holes in them. Will upload a photo and let you know. I only just discovered Bokashi this week when Brianna Laugher, wiki maven from Melbourne, started the page on Appropedia. (It would be great if you could add to it, or start related pages.)

I don't have time to do a lot of translation. But if you find a paragraph you want translated, a post you want the gist of, or someone you want to make contact with, let me know. You can use Google Translate to get an idea - it's a really awful translation at this stage, but I'm impressed they now offer it - and it'll make more sense to you than the original! E.g. Making learning Fertilizers Bokashi in Prabumulih, South Sumatra. (Learning to make Bokashi fertilizer - told you it was awful.) More Indonesian articles on Bokashi - you'll have to rely on the pictures and the machine translation to find what you want translated.

D. S. Foxx said...

Lonny: Cool, thanks! Sad but not surprising to see that North America doesn't make the top ten; work to be done...

Bokashiworld: (great name, BTW) The little text I've read from Indonesia is more IMO than specifically EM, and primarily relates to farming rather than urban composting applications--apparently, there have been locally made microbial solutions for a while, so EM-1 is seen as competition from outside despite the native-microbe formulation. I'll try to work up a link-heavy post or two sometime soon.

Chriswaterguy: I may take you up on that, my head started spinning last time I tried to read some of those pages in translation.

Not sure what I could add to Appropredia, but I'll certainly add a link.

Bokashicycle said...


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Thank you.
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