Sunday, March 22, 2009

Repulsive Lives!

I was in the garden Saturday (naturally), and what did I see but the first Black Soldier Fly of the year. By location, it could have been one of my overwintered dormant grubs all grown up, or a returnee from the wild, or new; whichever, it was a welcome sight.

Yes, I admit it: Repulsive is now a welcome, if unasthetic, resident of the bucket garden. This year, he's getting at least two containers, one in which he can churn through dried leaves and gorge on organic matter until harvesting-time, and a very separate one to handle the neighbors' even less aesthetic contribution to the landscape (via their pets).

Haven't yet found a chicken owner interested in trading grubs for ranch eggs, so for now the landfolks' chickens will reap the benefits of the auto-harvest. Haven't yet cobbled the perfect urban digester, either--I want something as convenient as a trash bin, and free of visible insect activity barring the very occasional adult BSF, with a discreet but accessible harvesting unit and an opening that won't show the grubs. Something decorative enough to put in a public area. Elegant, even.

For now, I opened the winter box in case any BSF should decide to do the salmon-thing, and set out cardboard and paper near fresh bokashi and unfermented food scraps. By this afternoon, there were half a dozen adults flying around, so I expect to have grubs soon.

...still can't believe I think that's a good thing!

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