Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is there such a thing as too sucessful?

Verniponics #2* is initially relatively labor-intensive, doesn't use nearly enough bokashi for most small-space gardeners--who may end up with surpluses rather sooner than later--and, judging by my first test, promises incredible results.

Just one small problem: my test plants were starts left over from the spring planting, but the verniponics ones matured faster. So fast they haven't any pollinating partners, so they can't yet fruit!

Poor things. I'm tempted to harvest the squash blossoms so they won't go to waste, but haven't wanted to disturb my test. Besides, they're kind of cheerful, all yellow against the green leaves.

*the technique is "vermiponics" but since I call all the entowered and free-ranging composting worms Verne...

Detailed post about the tests coming soon. Ish.

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