Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is that anything like a Tupperware party?

Local bokashi-and-more company Microbial Earth is hosting a Bokashi Party this evening. I'm still working on the apartment, but decided I could take the time off to attend this--hey, what sort of bokashi blogger would miss it?

Just need to rememember that I'm a BROKE bokashi blogger, lest I end up carrying away two of everything they're trying to sell...

Edited to update:

Less Tupperware and more "round table"; though there were products available (I bought a bag of their latest bran, about which more later if I remember), the focus seemed to be on learning what customers and prospects most wanted to know. And based on that information, they've started offering small classes on various subjects. At which, presumably, there shall be products available. -G- Hey, guys--if you schedule one about worms and bokashi, I'll be there wallet in hand! You folks have those African ones, IIRC, and I don't. Yet.

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