Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The cost of discretion?

My life has changed a bit since the last time I posted here. These days, my time is a more limited resource than my money--but I still very much prefer not to toss perfectly good plant food into the trash where it becomes a problem instead of a solution, and I still adore bokashi, because those lovely little microbes mean I don't have to do that. Now if only I could find some less unattractive containers for my plant-food-in-progress! Hiding and disguising cat litter buckets works, to some degree... I'm eying that Mr. Eco bucket, though, as being rather more discreet than the current solutions, and possibly more efficient, too. The opening appears to be pretty much ideal for my kitchen-bokashi needs. If you opt out of the disposable bags, maybe add some pine pellets for absorption, this should work as a first-stage fermenter. Think I'm adding it to my shopping list. Stay tuned! DSF

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